What is the annual water extraction licence for Whicher Range exploration compared with other activities in the South West?

CalEnergy does not extract water from potable aquifers at Whicher Range, and therefore does not require a water extraction licence.  All the water we use in our activities is purchased from a provider and brought to site.  Since becoming operator of Exploration Permit 408 in 2013, CalEnergy has brought approximately 146,000 litres of water (all potable) to the site.

The Water Corporation, Groundwater Sources in the South West information sheet, (2013) states that the Department of Water manages the extraction of groundwater under the Rights to Water and Irrigation Act. For the South West areas, approximately 213,000,000,000 litres are available per year and there are currently around 2,500 licences in the South West region.

The total licence allocations consist of:
















112,000,000,000                306,000,000