Gas Exploration in the South West Expo

More than 150 people took the opportunity to learn more about gas exploration plans for the State’s southwest, including CalEnergy’s Whicher Range project, during the Shire of Capel’s inaugural Gas Exploration Expo held on July 26th.

CalEnergy participated in this inaugural community information session, which brought together members of the local community and other interested people to communicate and share information about local onshore gas exploration.

We were delighted so many people took the chance to come and meet us and talk about our Whicher Range project.

Managing Director Peter Youngs was joined by our Subsurface Manager and Whicher Range Asset Manager Celine Gros, and Richard Bilman, our Corporate Integrity & Compliance Manager. We spoke to many people, one-on-one, throughout the 5-hour session explaining aspects of the Whicher Range conventional gas project.

Many questions were about fraccing and we were able to provide information to explain why CalEnergy has not and will not undertake fraccing in the South West.

Peter Youngs said the Expo also provided the perfect platform for CalEnergy to launch our Unequivocal Commitment to Land Owners.

“Our position is very clear,’ Peter said. “In respect of the EP408 permit and in support of this overall mission, CalEnergy openly commits that it will not seek to undertake operations on private land where the owner of that land has not voluntarily reached an agreement with us for that work to be undertaken.”

Peter said the Expo provided information on the status of activities, and potential future activities at CalEnergy’s Whicher Range exploration permit (EP408) and most importantly allowed us to hear first-hand, questions and issues important to the community and our stakeholders.

 “We appreciated the passion and thoughtful questions raised with us at the Expo,” Peter said. “Many people have been seeking detailed and accurate information, specifically about the conventional drilling process we have used and intend to use, and we were able to help many people gain a better understanding of the Whicher Range project.”