CalEnergy is evaluating the results of the company’s exploration program at Whicher Range - a major gas field in the South West Region of Western Australia. The exploration work has been focused on an area 20 kilometres south of Busselton and 280 kilometres south of Perth in Western Australia (WA).

Whicher Range is a conventional gas field which will not require the use of hydraulic fracturing (or fraccing).

The gas field is, potentially, a competitive new source of energy for homes, industry – and the extensive mineral processing sector in the region. If the program is successful and a development goes ahead, the project would generate jobs, business opportunities and diversification of the regional economy.

Well Maintenance

In May, we conducted scheduled integrity tests and routine maintenance at both the Whicher Range-4 (WR-4) and Whicher Range-1 (WR-1) well sites.  The integrity of both wells was verified and confirmation was provided to the industry regulator.

Update on Extended Well Test Evaluation

CalEnergy continues to evaluate the data from the December 2015 well testing program at the WR-4 well site and we expect to have a good idea of the results next year. The current evaluation process will help us to analyse the commercial viability of the Whicher Range gas resource, and ultimately help us determine if there’s any potential to provide gas to WA’s South West.

The complete technical evaluation will inform the company of next activities associated with the Whicher Range gas field.

Update on Community Engagement

Our next series of meetings with our Whicher Range stakeholders occurred in June 2016.  Our Managing Director, Peter Youngs, and our Subsurface Manager / Whicher Range Asset Manager, Celine Gros, met with our neighbours, local community members and Local Government, to bring everyone up to date on the Whicher Range project and answer any questions our stakeholders had.

Environmental Management

As part of our corporate commitment to responsible environmental management and community engagement, CalEnergy has commissioned within the Whicher Range gas field area, independent expert studies on water, soil and flora and fauna.

This is an essential component of our responsible environmental management of future activities at Whicher Range. We demand high standards of corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship.  Our approach to baseline monitoring has included consultation with the relevant Western Australian regulatory departments. At key program milestones, and on completion, we will provide updates to our regulators, neighbours and other community stakeholders (via regular stakeholder consultation) and inform our registered community members.