What are your plans for Whicher Range and do they involve fracking?

CalEnergy has not and will not use hydraulic fracturing (fracking) or reservoir stimulation at Whicher Range.

Whicher Range is a conventional gas resource 20 kilometres south of Busselton. The resource is the same type of natural gas used in homes and businesses throughout Western Australia. The field is contained within the Exploration Permit known as ‘EP-408’ and exploration activities within EP-408 are regulated by the state Department of Mines and Petroleum.

Some past exploration programs included unsuccessful hydraulic fracturing or reservoir stimulation. There has been no fracking or reservoir stimulation undertaken since 2004.

Neither CalEnergy nor our joint venture partner Whicher Range Energy (WRE) have used fracking or reservoir stimulation in the Whicher Range gas field.

In 2013 we undertook the drilling of a 321m sidetrack well (a new reservoir penetration drilled at an angle) from a depth below 4 kilometres from the existing Whicher Range #4 (WR-4) well. The sidetrack well was production tested in late 2015 to assess its natural flow potential without stimulation or fracking. We are analysing the resulting data to determine our future options. We’ll have a better idea of the project’s potential in mid 2017.

The Whicher Range gas field was discovered with exploration drilling in 1968 by Union Oil. This resource has been explored by several petroleum companies during the past 50 years.

WRE and CalEnergy entered the Whicher Range gas field in 2007 and 2011, respectively.